Olympus SuperBug Lawsuits

Superbug Scope Lawsuits

There have been superbug lawsuits filed after patients who have had surgeries where doctors have used specific duodenoscope or scopes and the patients died after being infected by a superbug. The plaintiffs are claiming that the TJF-Q180V scope, made by Olympus, was never approved by the FDA. The was a rash of infections in California at the UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center. There is no confirmed number on who many patients were infected by this superbug at that particular hospital. There were reports that nearly 200 people were infected after medical procedure with this device. In January, there were reports of 7 patients suffering from exposure of this superbug after an endoscopic procedure and were infected with the superbug CRE. Later, officials at UCLA Medical center informed hundreds of patients of the possibility of superbug CRE exposure. There was an investigation that the scopes were not being cleaned properly and the superbug were still on the scopes for the next patient.

SuperBug Litigation

Superbug LitigationFor some reason Olympus claims they did not realize they needed FDA approval for the TJF-Q180V duodenoscope. They have since applied for approval for the device. Approval for a medical device such as the TJF-Q180V duodenoscope could take many years.

There have already been two superbug lawsuits filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court against Olympus. The plaintiffs in these superbug lawsuits claim negligence and fraud in the manufacturing of these scopes. One of the lawsuits was filed on behalf of a young man's family who infected and is still in the hospital. Another Superbug lawsuit was filed on behalf of the estate of a women who died after being infected by this superbug. She was having a liver transplant and then died a month later. There are reports of another lawsuit being filed by a women who's husband died at Virginia Mason in Seattle. The man died after a diagnostic medical procedures in which a duodenoscope. We are still very early in this superbug litigation but if enough superbug lawsuits are filed a superbug MDL may be required. A woman in Washington filed a 3rd Superbug lawsuit for wrongful death after her husband died from the Superbug bacteria. She filed her lawsuit against both Olympus and Seattle's Virginia Mason Medical Center. She is suing both for unspecified monetary damages.

If you or a loved one had a procedure in which these duodenoscope were used and you were infected by this "superbug" you may entitled to compensation. Complete the form to the right for a free superbug lawsuit evaluation.

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