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FDA Says More Testing Needs to Be Done for Essure

Despite news that Essure has possibly caused over 300 fetal deaths and the FDA has received over 5,000 adverse reports about Essure, the FDA claims it needs more Essure tests before taking action to remove Essure. The FDA is now requiring a black box warning on Essure, finally informing woman of the dangerous side effects of Essure. Victims of Essure are rightfully upset and some don't believe the tests are required and don't believe the Essure warnings will help. After the Essure FDA ruling the E-Sisters released this statement which read in part

"These studies could take several years, and leaving the device on the market will only put more women's lives at risk. We are disappointed but not surprised the FDA has once again chosen to side with industry rather than protect patients of a failed medical device."

Mike Fitzpatrick, the Congressman who introduced the E-Free Act also could not believe the FDA's inaction saying, "It’s unbelievable that it took the FDA since September to make just two recommendations with no enforcement measures and [to] ask the manufacturer to perform another study while leaving Essure on the market."

And in our favorite quote over the FDA's decision to drag out yet more tests on Essure, one E-Sister stated: "They've underestimated our determination' to pull the device from the market."

FDA is Holding a Panel Discussion on Essure Side Effects

The FDA is holding a panel discussion on Essure after lawsuits have begun to be filed over Essure Side effects. There are Twitter reports that victims are speaking out over their experiences dealing with Essure problems. Some of the updates on Essure are below.

You can watch the FDA hearing on Essure live as it happens at this link.

Victim Speaks out Regarding SuperBug Lawsuit.

CBS Los Angeles has posted a new video from a SuperBug victim that has filed a SuperBug lawsuit in California. The man had a procedure involving a duodenoscope to drain fluid buildup on his pancreas. It was a fairly common procedure that done over a half million times per year in the United States. Two months later he was hospitalized with the SuperBug bacteria. You can watch the Superbug video below. Learn how to file a Superbug lawsuit on the superbug section of this website.

New Investigation into Knee and Hip Infection Lawsuits

There have been reports of patients who have suffered serious side effects of infections stemming from Knee and Hip replacement procedures. We are actively investigating these hip and knee infection lawsuits. If you or a loved one have suffered from infections due to a knee or hip replacement procedure visit our Hip/Knee Infection Lawsuit section.

FDA Was Warned About Superbug in Scopes Years Ago

Emails have emerged the indicate the FDA was warned by Federal and State health officials of the dangers of medical scope possibly being infected with the Superbug virus. This came in 2009 when dozens of Florida patient were infected with the Superbug virus. 15 patients in Florida died due the Superbug virus when they were exposed by these scopes. Read more about the FDA and Superbugs.

Man Files Michigan IVC Filter Lawsuit

A Michigan man has filed a lawsuit against Cook Medical claiming that his IVC Filter punctured his heart. The Michigan IVC Lawsuit claims that the filter splintered and then went into his heart. The man needed four surgeries to correct the issues he attributes to the IVC filter. The IVC filter lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan.

Read More about this Michigan IVC Filter Lawsuit.

New Zofran Filed in Massachusetts

A lawsuit was filed by a Massachusetts woman against GlaxoSmithKline who makes Zofran. She is suing the company for failing to warn of the dangerous side effects of Zofran. She took Zofran during pregnancy and her child was born with birth defects. Read more about this new Zofran Lawsuit.

Xarelto To Replace Aspirin?

Despite the expanding Xarelto lawsuits and new Xarelto MDL, Johnson and Johnson and Bayer are seeking approval from the FDA to prevent strokes. Read more about Xarelto FDA approval.

Xarelto MDL Created, New Xarelto Lawsuits Filed

There has been a Xarelto MultiDistrict litigation created as more and more Xarelto lawsuits continue to be filed. It's been reported that over 85 Xarelto lawsuits are currently pending and in this new Xarelto MDL. Click to read more about this Xarelto MDL and Xarelto Lawsuits.

North Carolina Trinity Guardrail Lawsuits

There have been reports of guardrail lawsuits being filed in North Carolina after serious injuries and deaths that could have been caused by Trinity Guardrail lawsuits. A man in Hillsborough, North Carolina lost his leg after being involved in a Trinity Guardrail Accident. Read more about North Carolina Trinity Guardrail Lawsuits.

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