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There have been dangerous side effects reported by woman who have been implanted with Essure birth control devices. Essure is manufactured and marketed by Bayer HealthCare as a permanent form of birth control. The FDA approved Essure in 2002 as a permanent form of birth control. There have been Essure lawsuits that argue the device wasn't properly tested before it went out to the public. The first Essure lawsuits was filed last year in Philadelphia against Bayer. That Essure lawsuit claims that Bayer mislead the public about the dangers of Essure. Famous advocate Erin Brockovich has started a petition to have Essure banned from the market. She has a full website of woman's horror stories dealing with the painful side effects of Essure. Some of the claims include that Essure coils fall out of the fallopian tubes causing serious damages.

The FDA is now conducting public meeting regarding the possible side effects of Essure. The FDA's press release on Essure reads in part:

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is inviting interested members of the public to present data, information or oral or written views on Essure permanent birth control device at the FDA's meeting on September 24th. Southern Med Law notes that after Essure lawsuit filings and complaints surrounding Essure, the FDA has called for a meeting of its Obstetrics and Gynecology Devices Panel to seek expert scientific and clinical opinion on the Essure birth control implant after numerous reports of Essure side-effects including perforation of the uterus, pelvic pain, ectopic pregnancy, and even fetal and adult deaths. The FDA has opened a docket so that anyone interested in speaking at the meeting can submit electronic or written comments prior to the event.

Federal judges are also expected to rule on if Bayer can sheild Essure product liability lawsuits. Lawsuits have claimed that the FDA's premarket approval is invalid because of Bayer's failure to report adverse events to the FDA. As part of that report, there are claims that Essure caused 5 fetal deaths in woman who became pregnant while having the Essure implant.

Congress Asks for an Essure FDA Recall

Congress recently sent an order to the FDA asking them to conduct a full Essure FDA Recall. You can view the order that Congress sent to the FDA asking for an Essure recall here. Also Pennsylvania Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick, is introducing legislation which would revoke the pre-marketing approval. There have been reports of additional lawsuits filed by alleged victims of Essure side effects. The revoking of the Essure pre-market approval is called the E-Free Act.

Kerri O'Brien at ABC news filed a news report on these breaking developments in the Essure situation. You can watch her report on Congress' call for an FDA Essure recall below.

As previously reported, Connecticut Congresswoman Rosa Delauro sent a letter to the FDA with concerns on the dangerous side effects of Essure. And as Channel 8 reported if the E-Free Act is approved, Essure would lose pre-marketing approval with in 60 days.

Channel 8 Essure FDA Recall Video

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