Taxotere Chemo Hair Loss Lawsuit

Taxotere Hair Loss Lawsuits

The chemotherapy drug Taxotere has been linked to an increased risk of permanent hair loss by patients. Taxotere is a successful drug in treating cancer, but patients are claiming that other chemo drugs are just as effective without the increased risk of permanent hair loss. There are Taxotere lawsuits claiming that patients should have been fully informed of all the risks and various options in treating cancer. Taxotere is prescribed typically to patients who have the following cancers.

  • Breast Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Gastric Cancer
  • Lung Cancer
  • Head and Neck Cancer

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Taxotere is made by Sanofi Aventis and has been used in the United States since 1996. There are claims that there were warnings about Taxotere and permanent hair loss in in Europe as early as 2005, but there was no warning in the US until 2015. Most Chemo drugs will cause temporary hair loss, but permanent hair loss usually only occurs in 3% of patients. Recent study indicate that Taxotere cause permanent hair loss in up to 15% of Taxotere patients. The Taxotere lawsuits claim that if patients were made aware of this 15% of permanent hair loss, the patients would have had the option to choose a more desirable solution.

A woman in California filed a Taxotere lawsuit against Sanofi-Aventis claiming they failed to warn her of the possible side effects of Taxotere and permanent hair loss. The complaint was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. Another woman filed a Taxotere lawsuit in California in early March. Like the Taxotere lawsuit filed in California, she claims she was not properly warned that Taxotere could cause permanent hair loss. Taxotere alopecia is the specific name of the condition that causes this permanent hair loss.

Taxotere MDL New Orleans

A MDL or Multi-District Litigation has been created for Taxotere in New Orleans. Most Taxotere lawsuits will be consolidated in New Orleans. To have your claim reviewed to see if you qualify for the Taxotere MDL, complete the form to the left or call our Taxotere Lawsuit number at 855-435-5839. Our network of legal partners have extensive experience in both mass tort litigation, pharma litigation in addition to experience with the courts in the Taxotere MDL. For an example visit the Taxotere MDL Lawyer for the latest in the Taxotere MDL.

Canada Taxotere Lawsuits

There have also been Taxotere lawsuits filed in Canada. Health Canada was informed of the risk of permanent hair loss due to Taxotere back in 2012. A woman in Canada filed a Taxotere after she suffered total hair loss. After taking Taxotere she claims she can not grow a single hair, not even an eyelash or an eyebrow. She claims that even going out in public is difficult as people stare at her condition that she claims was caused by Taxotere. There are reports that as a few years ago, there are 10,000 Canadians that are prescribed Taxotere every year. is currently working with Canadian law firms in regards to filing Taxotere lawsuits in Canada.

In the United States, it would appear with the number of Taxotere lawsuits that have been filed, there is a possibility of a Taxotere Multi District Litigation, or a Taxotere MDL. With a Taxotere the discovery and the depositions would be stream lined for better efficiency. Note, a Taxotere MDL is different than a Taxotere Class Action Lawsuit. A Taxotere MDL would allow for individuals to not get lumped into a specific settlement. Complete the form on the right to learn your options for joining a Taxotere MDL.

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How to File a Taxotere Hair Loss Lawsuit

If you were prescribed Taxotere and suffer from permanent hair loss, you may be entitled to compensation. Our Taxotere attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means there are not out of pocket cost to you to file a Taxotere. The Taxotere lawyers pay the up front costs to file your Taxotere lawsuit and only receive money if you do. Every state has different laws in terms of when you can file a personal injury lawsuit, so it's advised to contact a Taxotere lawyer as soon as possible.


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